What to know about installing pergo flooring

Considering installing Pergo flooring? It’s specially constructed with a unique tongue and groove system to ensure an easy and accurate installation - whether you do it yourself or have a professional do it for you. If you want to have your Pergo floor professionally installed, just call your retailer. They can recommend a professional installer.

Before you do anything, you will need to figure out exactly how much flooring and accessories to buy. Use a room size calculator to help you determine the amounts you will need. If you decide to install your Pergo floor yourself, all of the items you will need for installation will be available for you wherever you buy your floor. This is why Pergo is not just a floor, it's a complete flooring system. All of the following are available to help make your installation easier:

•   Pergo Glue (Must be used in order for the Pergo warranty to be valid)

•   installation Kit - includes spacers and a tapping block to ensure tight joints

•   Pull bar - helps to ensure a tight fit in difficult to reach spaces

•   Under-layments - even out minor irregularities in the sub-floor and provide heat and sound insulation •   Floor clamps - simplify installation and make a finished floor stronger

•   Pergo Sealant - secures the gap between the floor and the wall, ensuring maximum moisture resistance

•   Pergo Putty - mends any damage that might occur to your floor during installation

•   installation straps - are not required to install Pergo, but they do simplify the process

A few things you should know before you begin installing your Pergo floor. Pergo floors are intended for indoor use only. Pergo must be installed as a floating floor, with sufficient space for movement around the perimeter. Pergo must not be fixed to the sub-floor.

The degree of floor movement in relation to walls, staircases, pipes and other fixed objects must be considered with regard to the local changes in relative humidity and temperature. The expansion distance is 1/4" in normal climates. This is particularly important at corners, angles and openings such as doorways, archways and the like.

Allow the Pergo products to acclimate in unopened cartons where they will be installed for at least 48 hours before starting the installation. In very dry or very humid climates, allow at least 96 hours (4 days). For acclimation before, during and after the installation at the job site, the relative humidity should be 30-90%. The temperature should be stable and within 15°F of the normal operating temperature.

Pergo can be installed above, on or below grade. Pergo planks should be installed over Pergo Underlayment Foam or Whisperwalk. When installing over concrete, a Pergo 6-mil polyethylene vapor barrier is always required. Check the sub-floor requirements for more information.

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