Remember recreational vehicle detailing

It pays to remember to have your recreational vehicle detailed professionally. It’s not only a matter of keeping it looking good inside and out – it’s a mater of protecting it properly from damage of all kinds and retaining resale value to boot.

Ultraviolet rays from the sun and smog can dry your exterior paint, causing it to oxidate and invite body rust. Removing the outer layer of paint by high speed polishing, followed by a thorough sealing, extends that new appearance after several thousand miles on the road. It’s best to undergo a high speed polishing once a year.

Waxes and sealants function as a paint preserver by helping it to retain certain oils which reduce oxidation. In addition, they help protect your beloved RV from environmental hazards such as bird droppings, tree sap, smog, hard sprinkler water, and the sun's ultraviolet rays. A professional performed sealing by a reputable detailing company will keep your vehicle glowing with pride.

If you use your RV longer than just the summer season, it may need to be waxed once every three months and perhaps every two months if it’s exposed to harsh road and weather conditions. Hand waxing or sealing your recreational vehicle on a regular basis can maintain its paint quality as much as twice as long as unmaintained vehicles. Combined with an annual professional polishing and sealing, this will add years of beauty to your vehicle’s exterior.

Interior detailing protects the dash, plastic, leather or upholstery from drying and cracking, forming a protective seal against spills, stains and sun damage. Again, a good professional detailer will use appropriate products to preserve the interior of your vehicle. They can also recommend products you can use until your recreational vehicle’s annual “makeover”!

Caution: a nice ad or snappy name doesn’t mean you’ve found a good detailer. Ask for a list of satisfied clients and contact them yourself before spending your money. Isn’t your vehicle worth it?

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