Shop for top quality used recreational vehicles

It’s worth it to shop for top quality used recreational vehicles. New ones are only becoming more expensive, and living the RV lifestyle shouldn’t mean giving up everything else.

It’s important to know the history of the vehicle, just as you would a used car or truck. Is there a repair history? may be able to help track down what you need to know about a particular vehicle you’re considering. You’ll need the vehicle’s VIN (vehicle identification number) found at the bottom left corner inside the front windshield.

Consider the frequently asked questions section of, for example. (Yes, he really does call himself Mo Man!)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How is Mo Man able to sell motorhomes at wholesale prices?

A. First, Mo Man has NO ordinary business expenses such as property, employees, offices, etc. Second, he has the credentials to buy these motorhome repossessed from the bank. Most of the time these RV's are Volunteer Repos so they are in good condition. Finally, Mo Man takes the time to find you the low mileage, like new motorhome that you have always dreamed of.

Q. Does Mo Man do “walk thrus” for all kinds of RVs?

A. Yes, Z Mo Man puts no time limit on these valuable instructions and insists on giving a toll free phone number, and an E-mail address, always available, as long as you own the coach.

Q. How can I be an intelligent buyer?

A. Know the unit cost both new and used (Loan Values, even experienced dealers must use). You can find this information in the NADA or Kelley Blue Book.

Use of the NADA guides and the Kelley blue book may make a huge difference for you whether buying or selling. Although Kelley blue books are typically only available to dealers, the NADA guides may be ordered from

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