Aquariums fish tank come in varied shapes and sizes

The demand for aquariums fish tank is going up with every passing year with more and more households acquiring an aquarium. According to rough estimates, almost 60 million have an aquarium in their homes. The most popular aquariums fish tank are those that are made of glass. In recent years materials like plexi-glass and acrylic is also being used to make fish tanks.

A good aquarium fish tank is a glass case that is used for keeping aquatic flora and fauna in an artificially controlled environment. The main purpose for having aquariums fish tank in most cases is usually for display. For some it is a mere challenge to build a new ecosystem and to maintain it efficiently.

The most common designs that were used for fish keeping earlier were the box shaped rectangular aquariums fish tank and the round fish bowl. The large surface area made it easier to maintain and clean the fish tank regularly. These fish tanks were heavy as they were made of glass and were kept on wooden stands.

All aquariums fish tank consist of an inlet, outlet, the filtration system, hood and lighting. The inlet and the outlet facilitate the continuous recycling of water while the filtration systems help in maintaining the environment by ensuring rapid disposal of waste and particulate matter. The chemical filtration system helps to maintain the ph value, salinity and bicarbonate levels in the water.

Most makers of aquariums fish tank recommend that a hood is placed over the aquariums because it lessens the percentage of water loss by evaporation and prevents the fish from jumping out of the tank. Also, the flora and the fauna should be chosen in accordance to the size of the aquarium and the environmental condition. This is an important condition especially for breeding rare or exotic species of fish. The modern aquariums fish tank is available in varied shapes and sizes. Some of the popular designs are the pentagon aquarium, tower aquarium and the coffee table aquarium.

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