Aquariums fish come in different colors and sizes

There is a wide range of aquariums fish that you can buy at aquarium stores. These include Angelfish, Cardinals, Clownfish, Puffers, Sharks, Rays, Arowana, Barracuda, Siamese Fighting Fish, Tiger Fish, Guppies, Sword Tails and Goldfish. You can even buy exotic aquariums fish, but they need special care.

The aquariums fish can be classified into four broad types based on their environment. These are: salt water fish, freshwater fish, brackish water fish and tropical water fish. Salt water fish usually prefer a high concentration of salt per gallon in the aquarium compared to brackish water fish.

The best aquariums fish for a beginner are the ones that are easy to keep and breed easily. These include Angelfish, Guppies, Goldfish, Puffer fish, Arowana and Cardinals. The Angelfish are very cute and very active. They spend most of their time swimming around the tank, are very strong and breed easily. They are quite compatible with other species of fish also.

The Puffer fish are comical swimmers and can live in almost any kind of aquatic environment. They blow up when they are scared and hence they are named Puffer fish. The bright red aquariums fish are usually the Cardinals. Guppies are available in blue, red and golden colors. It is best to introduce them in groups of four or five so that they adjust to the new environment easily. They are very compatible with Catfish, Glass fish and Tetras.

Another popular variety of aquariums fish is the Bettas. They are also known as the Siamese Fighting Fish. It is best not to place two male Bettas in the same tank as they can kill each other. However, the female bettas can survive together.

Besides the breeding capability and compatibility of aquariums fish, you also need to keep the size of tank in mind before buying fish. There should be a sufficient volume of water and swimming space for the aquariums fish to live happily.

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