Aquariums plants can make fish breathe easier

No aquarium should be used without aquariums plants. The aquariums plants not only remove most of the nitrate content from water but also increase the oxygen levels. They also provide place for breeding of fish and hiding spots for the younger and smaller fish. The natural aquariums plants are also better looking than most artificial plastic plants.

There is a common misconception among people that growing aquariums plants is difficult and unproductive. This is not true. There are several water plants like Java Fern, Hygrophila polysperma and Vallisneria spiralis that grow very easily. Also the nature of the aquarium can be important in deciding the kind of plants that will grow. The aquariums plants are of several kinds; the most popular being saltwater plants, freshwater plants, tropical plants and low light plants.

Some of the most common aquariums plants used in aquariums are:

1. Anubias, which is a hardy and stout plant species that grows submerged in both freshwater conditions as well as in low light conditions.

2. Cryptocoryne wendtii, which can grow in almost any aquatic environment. The color of its leaves ranges from reddish brown to green depending upon the ph, salt content and oxygen levels.

3. Amazon Sword or Echinodorus bleheri, which is a beautiful green plant that grows profusely if given rich nutrient supply.

4. Java Fern or Microsorium pteropus is perhaps the easiest plant species to grow. It grows well in low light conditions too. These aquariums plants attach themselves to rocks while they grow with the help of rhizomes.

5. Java Moss (Vesicularia Dubyana), which is a typical brackish water plant and is most suited to grow in warm water temperatures.

Though growing aquariums plants may not be a problem, it is important to maintain their growth. Excessive growth can lead to depletion of nutrients, death of fishes and unnecessary spurt in algae growth.

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