Aquariums pumps are critical for any aquarium

Aquariums pumps are critical to the functioning of aquariums, and must be chosen with great care. Some of the important points that must be kept in mind while selecting aquariums pumps are resistance offered by pumps, heat generation, noise production and the number of returns.

A common mistake that is made while buying aquariums pumps is to opt for the largest and the most powerful pump irrespective of the size of the fish tank. This should be avoided under all circumstances since large pumps generate a lot of heat and can endanger the fragile ecosystem prevailing in the fish tank by raising the temperature of the water.

At the same time you should also not go in for small aquariums pumps because they may lack sufficient power to pump water. This may force you to install additional aquariums pumps to save the aquarium and fishes. The most important thing that you must keep in mind while buying aquariums pumps is the volume of water to be stored in the tank.

In a closed system or a static system, you require more powerful aquariums pumps to generate more pressure. This is because the water has to be filtered through the canister or the module filters. These aquariums pumps also require a comparatively higher turnover rate. In the open system aquariums pumps the turnover rate is lower. Wet and dry filters are a typical example of open system aquariums pumps.

You should not increase or decrease the intake or the return of the aquariums pumps. A lowering of the intake of the pump can lead to overheating of the pump. The pump life can also be affected if you reduce the return of the pump. This is because the resistance of the pump builds up causing the temperature to rise.

You must also check the pump regularly. Any pump that is giving problems must be replaced immediately.

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