Aquariums tank comes in different shapes

The aquariums tank comes in varied shapes, sizes and capacity. Initially, the most common shape of aquariums tank was the rectangular box shaped aquarium and the round glass bowl. This was when the aquariums were made from glass only. Today, the aquariums tank is made of new materials like plexi-glass and acrylic and can be pentagon, octagon and hexagon-shaped.

There is also a growing demand for tower aquariums, desk aquariums tank, coffee table and bar table aquariums tank. The demand for aquariums tank also depends on capacity. For homes, you can buy aquariums tank whose capacity ranges from 10 gallons to 60 gallons while for offices or other industrial locations it can be 100 gallons or more.

Most of the aquarium tanks come attached with filters and pumps that make maintenance easier. The ones that are made of acrylic are lighter and easier to transport. They are best suited for freshwater environments. However, if you are interested in marine fish keeping then you need to add an additional filter. It is more costly than the traditional aquariums but is definitely more aesthetically pleasing.

Despite the use of new materials in building aquariums tank, many people still prefer glass. This is largely because glass is transparent and strong. It allows excellent pressure distribution within the aquarium and prevents the aquariums tank from collapsing. The natural blue-green color of the glass also makes the aquarium look more natural. The fact that it is cheap is an added advantage.

In contrast, the aquariums tank that are built of acrylic are lightweight and can be easily molded in different shapes and sizes. They are scratch resistant and have better clarity than glass aquariums. Also, the electric insulation is comparatively much better than that of glass and the tanks are easier to clean and polish. Their only disadvantage, when compared to glass, is the price.

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