Custom aquariums are good value for money

The old box shaped and the glass bowl aquarium has been replaced by custom aquariums that are pleasing to the eye. These custom aquariums are made according to the specifications given by the buyer, and are therefore more utilitarian. Some of the popular custom aquariums are pentagon shaped aquariums, octagon shaped aquariums, bar table aquariums, tower aquariums and the half round aquariums.

The first custom aquariums were used in theme parks and zoos. In the past few years aquarists have started using custom aquariums for home too. This has resulted in the virtual revamping of the traditional box shaped aquarium. For instance, the pentagon aquarium is a five-faced fresh water aquarium and includes light, hood, plants and a UGF. The best thing about the pentagon aquarium is that it can fit in any corner easily. It has a capacity of 35 gallons and is made using acrylic. The hexagon and the octagon aquariums have a greater capacity. They usually do not require any extra set up and can be easily cleaned just the way an ordinary aquarium is cleaned. However, if you want to go in for a salt water aquarium then you need to install extra filters.

A specially designed custom aquarium is the sphere aquarium. These custom aquariums have a bubble on each side through which you can look inside the aquarium. They are best suited for the freshwater fish and come with a light, canister filter, UGF and plastic plants. You need to set up a connection filter and decorate the tank before use.

The tower aquariums are also in vogue. These custom aquariums are mainly for show and do not support much aquatic life. They are best used in freshwater conditions. Different lighting systems enhance the beauty of these custom aquariums. The coffee table aquarium and the bar table aquarium serve a dual purpose. These are very easy to set and clean. They have transparent glass gravel inside that can be lit from underneath. This adds to the aesthetic beauty of these custom aquariums.

Expectedly, custom aquariums are more costly than the normal aquariums. But they surely are good value for money.

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