Fish tank lighting is critical for the survival of fish

Proper fish tank lighting is critical for maintaining the delicate artificial ecosystem in the aquarium. The lights, which come in several shapes and sizes, are classified according to their wattage and temperature scale. You need to choose the fish tank lighting carefully because an artificial light source can increase the water temperature, and disturb the fish tank environment. Those who chose fish tank lighting keeping in mind only the aesthetics of the fish tank are making a big mistake. The marine life will not survive for long. In fact, while choosing fish tank lighting you must also choose the right cooling devices to regulate the water temperature. If you plan to keep green plants inside the fish tank then you should go in for Metal Halide Light bulbs. They produce the entire spectrum of light which helps the plants achieve maximum growth. They are four kinds of fish tank lighting available in the market. These are: 1   The Regular Fluorescent Lights which provide wattage of around 15-40 watts. They are the cheapest and easiest to use. They also don t need extra cooling devices because the temperature range of this brand of fish tank lighting is 3000-10000K. 2   The Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs provide wattage of 10-100 watts. They heat up the water and should be installed along with cooling fans. 3   The High Output Fluorescent Lamps give wattage of 20-60 watts and need a continuous T5 power supply. The Very High Output Fluorescent Lamps provide wattage of 75-160 watts. They also raise the temperature to 10000-20000K. When going for this type of fish tank lighting you must install a chiller as well as fans. 4   The most powerful form of fish tank lighting is the Metal Halide Light bulbs. They are extremely advantageous to use since their light is close to sunlight and helps the growth of plants and fishes.

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