How to select the right aquariums store

The aquariums store is a lifeline for anyone who wants to keep fish at home or in office. It is here that you find a range of aquariums, stock of fishes and products that are needed to build a marine environment. You also learn a lot from the owners of aquariums store. They can guide you regarding the size of the tank as well as the kind of fish you need to keep. It is always a good idea to survey at least 5-6 aquariums store before taking a decision.

There are several ways by which you can find out if an aquariums store is good or not. The first thing you should note when you walk into the aquariums store is the maintenance. Dirty aquariums, aquariums with no water or poorly staffed stores must be avoided. They are unlikely to give you healthy fish.

After this, you should closely inspect the aquariums and find out if the fishes in the tank are healthy and happy. They should be free from any kind of disease. Check how active the fish are by placing your finger on top of the aquarium. If they are very active they will swim right up expecting your finger to be food. This in most cases is a good sign.

If the aquariums store has more than ten tanks then it is not uncommon to see a few dead fish or old fish. However, this should not be a regular occurrence in all the tanks. Watch closely how the store keeper or other assistants feed the fish. It often reveals whether they have the necessary expertise to take care of the fish or not.

Lastly, ask a few generalized questions regarding fish keeping and how to take care of fishes when they fall sick. Choose those aquariums store which can help you in taking care of the fish as well as maintaining the fish tank.

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