Dwarf Korean Lilac is an attractive shrub

The Dwarf Korean Lilac is a hardy flowering shrub that adds grace, fragrance and beauty to a garden. It can be planted anywhere, as a border or even as border foreground. Its great attraction is the neatness of its stems and fragrant, lavender pink flowers. The plant was first noticed by Frank Meyer in a garden in China in 1909 and he sent its cuttings to America. Today, this plant carries Meyer’s name (Syringa meyeri), and can be seen growing in most American households.

The Korean Lilac is comparatively a small shrub, and grows up to a height of 4 to 5 feet, and an almost similar width. Its dark green foliage presents a beautiful contrast to its lavender pink blooms. When it blossoms the entire bush gets covered from top to bottom in lavender flowers. The peak blooming period is May-June but it flowers twice a year extending up to late summer and early autumn. In autumn the foliage turns bright yellow, in winter it sheds leaves but still this deciduous delicate shrub looks attractive with its dark brown leafless stems.

The Korean Lilac is a tough plant, easy to grow and maintain. The plants are not grafted but propagated from their roots. The best time for planting a Korean Lilac is early spring. The plant requires direct sunlight for at least 6 hours a day, a well-drained soil and regular watering for its healthy growth. Once the shrub is established it will continue blooming. Pruning old blooms brings fresh blooms.

The Korean Lilac flowers early and spreads its enchanting fragrance all around. It is not susceptible to powdery mildew or lilac borers, the bane of other lilacs, and is considered one of the most versatile among flowering shrubs. Once planted, it will continue to grow even without attention. More, it looks great even when it grows in the wild.

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