Ficus Midnight can be quite dense and bushy

Ficus Midnight is a plant with very dark glossy leaves that range from bluish to black and grow quite close to each other on the stem. It is a sister plant of Ficus Indigo and is the result of a selection process lasting over several generations. The plant has an upright growth pattern that is both compact and bushy.   

It does well indoors and is capable of growing for extended periods under 50 foot-candles. The use of this cultivar is recommended in commercial installations, with 100 to 150 foot-candles, for optimal performance. It grows best in temperatures ranging from 78 to 90 F in the daytime and 70 to 75 F in the night. The leaves accumulate dust and need to be wiped with a damp cloth. It can be recognized easily by its glossy leaves that are almost black. The new growth is bright green and the contrast between them is eye-catching.

The plant is upright, dense and bushy and can reach a height of 8 feet. This needs to be kept in mind while deciding on its location. The most unique characteristic of this plant is its ability to survive with limited light, without shedding leaves. In comparison, most Ficus trees need direct sunlight, or very bright light. When it is grown in a place with less light, it needs less water than other trees of the Ficus family.

It needs a balanced liquid fertilizer like 20-20-20, and needs to be fertilized every other week during spring and summer, when there is more growth. However, during fall and winter once a month is enough.

You can make out if the plant is not healthy, if the leaves start turning yellow and falling off. This may happen if you change its location. Otherwise, the leaf fall may be on account of water shortage. The flip side is that excess water may lead to a fall of leaves when they are still green. When this happens, make sure that the roots are not submerged in water.

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