Cleaning Custom Blinds

If you have installed custom blinds in your home, you will want to do everything you can to ensure their longevity. Custom blinds are easy to maintain, but they do require regular cleaning to remain beautiful. What is equally important to remember is that different style custom blinds require specific cleaning techniques and the technique used to clean the blinds is basically dependent upon the material that the blinds are made of. Here are some of the most common ways to appropriately clean custom blinds, categorized by the material used in their construction:

Aluminum Custom Blinds: Aluminum blinds tend to gather dust quickly. It is not uncommon to find a thick layer of dust developing on aluminum blinds in a relatively short period. It is therefore recommended that a homeowner clean their aluminum blinds, at least once a month with a mixture of water and a little bit of dish detergent. First, mix the water and soap in a spray bottle and make sure that when you are filling the bottle, the added soap produces some bubbles in the mix. After you have created the mix, turn the blind slats down. Do not directly apply the mix to the blind—rather use a towel and spray the mixture onto a towel and then apply the towel to the blinds. You will need to do this to both sides of the blind to ensure that all of the dust is removed: this can be done by turning the slats both ways while cleaning. Be sure that when you are wiping down the blinds that you do not apply too much pressure: too much pressure can bend and damage aluminum blinds.

Wood Custom Blinds: Cleaning wood custom blinds requires a different process than aluminum blinds. Furniture polish can be used, but it is not recommended. It is better to not apply anything moist to the wood blinds at all—excessive moisture may make custom wood blinds absorb the moisture and warp. Instead, it is recommended that wood blinds are vacuumed on a regular basis or wiped down with a dry, soft cloth at least every other week.

Fabric custom blinds: No cleaner or liquid should ever be applied to fabric custom blinds. Instead, it is recommended that homeowners vacuum the fabric blinds regularly to remove dust and debris. Fabric blinds should be vacuumed at least every other week to prevent excessive built up of dust that can later stain the fabric and dull the color of the material.

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