Custom Blinds Choices

People interested in purchasing custom blinds will find a great deal of diversity in terms of selection. Custom Blinds choices are many as the blinds are created with a variety of materials, colors and styles. Below are some of the common materials, styles and colors that custom blinds can be purchased in.

In terms of material, custom blinds are often made of aluminum, composite wood, faux wood, real wood, and sheer fabric. Wood custom blinds come in a variety of stained colors, from natural to deep red and their faux wood counterparts look surprisingly realistic. In contrast, sheer fabric is used in horizontal or vertical blinds. The thickness of the fabric varies and the amount of light allowed into a room is directly dependent on the thickness and the color of the fabric ordered.

The style of custom blinds offered display as much variation as the material the blinds are created from. Wood, aluminum and bamboo custom blinds can be ordered with different sized slates. Meanwhile, the fabric variant of custom blinds come in two primary styles, horizontal and vertical. Vertical fabric custom blinds have a long piece of fabric that extends from the top of the blind to the base of the window. The piece of fabric is often weighted on the end to keep the fabric in the same position. Meanwhile, horizontal blinds have strips of fabric that span the width of the window.

The color of custom blinds depends on the material they are created out of. Custom blinds made of wood have colors that vary from natural wood color to darker stains. Aluminum custom blinds also come in a rainbow of colors. Finally, the fabric sheers range from light to dark fabric, depending on how much light and privacy the customer demands.

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