A Beautiful Garden doesn't have to Cost the Earth!

The summer months are among us and most people like to ring in the spring and summer with a beautiful front or backyard garden.

How can you have a garden that doesn't cost too much?

Planting a Low Cost Garden

The main items needed for a garden are the seeds, water source, and some sort of a fertilizer such as commercial soil or cow manure. The area where the garden is going to be should have access to sunlight. Most people choose their front or backyard for this. A portion of the yard is normally sectioned off and the soil is prepared by removing any weeds and loosening the soil with some water. Most stores sell different types of fertilizer, which is used to prepare the soil to receive the seeds and help them grow.

Seeds can normally be purchased anywhere. The most common places to buy inexpensive seeds are dollar stores, and possibly online. Simple flowers such as daisies can be grown to keep costs and maintenance down. You may notice that most seeds don't carry a high price but may require a lot of maintenance. A garden doesn't require that many tools, so this can help keep costs down as well. Small gardens will only require a spade, hose for the water, and a rake. Lots of hobby shops and plant stores sell these for big and smaller gardens. Dollar stores are very helpful when it comes to keeping down costs. Online retailers can also offer these items at very reasonable prices.

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