Gardening For The Mind

Talk to anyone who regularly gardens and you will probably hear a recurring theme: gardening is psychologically and emotionally therapeutic. Though most gardeners will not come right out and state this fact, it is apparent in the way they feel about gardening, and how happy they are with the fruits of their labors.

Gardening is an activity that produces results – goals are set and then clearly reached. In other words, you have something to show for your efforts. When you garden, you are nurturing living things and bringing beauty or nourishment into the world. In this hectic technology-based world, gardening is a return to a more simple way of life. When you garden, you work with the earth and nature to produce tangible results that feed the body or the soul – or both.

It is the simplicity of gardening that is good for the mind. You plant seeds with your own two hands, you nurture what is growing, and you see the benefit of your labor every day. You are not selling anyone anything; you are not frantically trying to cram several tasks into each day's work to receive ever greater rewards. You plant, you nurture, and you reap. There is a basic honesty to gardening. You cannot deceive plants to make them grow; you cannot sell them a concept that makes them grow faster or more efficiently. There are set rules and you follow them. These rules are as old as the earth and as timeless as the days and the seasons. When you garden, you are truly at one with nature. There is a sense of freedom in this, a release from outward pressure. When you garden, it helps your mind be at peace, and this can carry over into all other aspects of your life.

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