Gardening in a hot country

Gardening in a hot country brings to your mind the effervescence of summer flowers and bedding plants. In fact, in most hot countries or warmer regions of the world you will see summer flowers appearing in the early spring. You can produce the best results in gardening if you buy ready-to-plant flowers rather then trying to grow them yourself from seeds.

Choose a strong plant which can resist heat, especially if your garden or flowerbed is directly exposed to sunlight. Some plants that you can use in hot areas are marigold, petunia, and zinnia. Some of the heat-resistant plants may be prone to diseases, which makes it sensible for you to choose a variety of plants. Bear in mind that if any of your plants get infected or become ill, you should pull them immediately so that the disease does not spread to other plants.

If you live in a hot region or country and are still lucky to get areas of partial shade, then you can grow plants like vinca and begonias. They grow and bloom well in shady regions. Red colored flowers tend to make the plant look big and beautiful, while the color blue has an illusion of being cute and tender. If you want to have several different colored plants and flowers in your garden, make sure that the flowers complement each other. For instance, a pink colored flower will go well with purple.

You should make your flowerbed ready before planting. You should till the soil thoroughly and remove weeds and other undesirables. Fertilize your garden well before planting. Avoid spraying the fertilizer directly on the part of the plant that is above the soil. For the first month after planting flowers, you should water every alternate day so that the roots are adequately nourished. Use mulch, a shielding made of organic matter such as leaves, peat or straw, to prevent the evaporation of moisture and the growth of weeds. You may choose to grow plants directly from the seed, but it is better and less taxing to buy a plant from a garden center that is weather-friendly.

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