Bring the Movie Theater at Home

People love going to movie thaters. They enjoy watching movies with all its sound and effects surrounding them. But sometimes, driving to and from cinemas can be time consuming. Now, it's more practical to watch any movie with your very own home theater system.

Having a home theater allows you to watch and listen without any distractions that you usually encounter in public theaters. Now, viewers can have an exciting experience while viewing and/or listening.

What then is a home theater? This is a set up integrated into your home AV equipment that duplicates the theater experience. When consumers hear the term 'home theater', they are quite hesitant because they think that it involves a big amount of money and equipment. But that's not the case. However, if you can afford a home theater that is custom built, it can cost you thousands of dollars because you will need high-end DVD players, projector, amplifiers, subwoofers, and in-wall speakers.

Now, there are home theater equipments especially designed for practical people. It does not entail big money nor custom installation. With a 27-inch television, DVD player, HiFi VCR, speakers, and an AV receiver, you can now have your simple home theater. You don’t really need high priced equipments as long as you enjoy the entertainment provided by your home theater. It is now possible to have a home theater in an apartment, dorm, office, or outside your house.

Having a plain television at home is no longer enough; and that is probably why a lot of people go to movie theaters just to watch their favorite movies. But with a home theater, you now have an option. You get to watch movies with the same excitement that you feel in movie theaters based on the options that you choose.

Remove all your cost fears to having a home theater. When your budget permits, get a home theater. The question however is, 'how much are you willing to spend?'

Getting a home theater depends on factors like the things you already have and which ones you still want to use and the things you want and need to buy. You can also start from scratch for a whole new home theater system. It depends entirely on you.

Here are some of the things that you will need:

§   Video display or television §   VCR or DVD player §   Receiver that is capable of surround sound §   Connectors and cables §   Loudspeakers §   Surge protector

If you have a TV at home, with only $500 in your hands, you can purchase a home theater system in a box. But if you don’t have any, with $1000, you can buy a new television together with a home theater system in a box.

But if you want to have a large screen television together with other home theater equipments, have at least $4000 in your pocket. High-end equipments for your home theater can cost up to $10000. If you have more money for your home theater, with a minor construction you can spend about $20000.

The bottom line in setting your budget for your home theater greatly depends on how you're going to use it and what you need or want. Home theater components are changing constantly because of technological advancements, and it's up to you if you want to keep up with technology.

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