Home Theater Systems for the Techno-Neophyte

It is surprising to know that there are still a lot of people who are not technologically savvy in this high-tech gadget crazy world of ours. No, they are not the ignorant hillbillies as some would assume. They are sometimes your grandmother or the passive average guy who used to be afraid with everything technical but just recently discovered the wonders of high tech equipment by visiting, perhaps, the neighborhood electrical equipment shop or a friend's ultra wired-up digital house.

Nevertheless, the following are tips for the techno-neophyte on how to put up their own home-based entertainment paradise: the home theater system.

The SPACE. Plan first where in your house you want to place your future home theater system. It must be where you can relax and have a good time. Plan your entertainment paradise: it can be as cliché as your living room, or as intimate as in your bedroom or bathroom, kitchen, or better yet set up your own TV room inside your house.

Wherever your going to settle your techno oasis just keep in mind that the equipments compatible and will fit inside your room or place of choice.

Next stop is the EQUIPMENT. This is the fun but dizzying part. With the wide range of choices out there it is easy to get lost in the technological jungle.

?For the lazy shoppers, they can easily buy an HTiB or Home-Theater-in-a-Box system. It has everything one needs in a home theater system: DVD or CD player, radio, speakers, and preamplifier and amplification unit.

HTiBs are very convenient for those who hate to shop and easily get headaches when bombarded with thousands of equipment to choose from and they won't have to worry whether the equipments are compatible with each other. It is also fairly uncomplicated with all the wires and connectors that are included in the set you choose. They can be very friendly to your wallet since the major techno equipment brands are all vying for a place in your homes. And they also have a wide range of choices from the cheapest to the most expensive ones without sacrificing the equipment's beauty or form.

The only disadvantage one has to face with these instant all in one HTiBs are that they usually have poor quality in terms of its speakers and have upgrade restrictions. It usually can't cater to your "growing needs" like if you suddenly want explosive sounds from a movie to have a bigger impact to your house.

?If you are not satisfied with the HTiBs then maybe a component system will quench the thirst of a techno-neophyte. A component system is composed of individually bought home theater parts which would consist of a Dolby Digital receiver, speakers, DVD, CD, or VCR players. Each is bought individually and most probably have different brands. You only have to worry their compatibility if you are already certain that the component's features will satisfy your entertainment needs.

The beauty of buying individual parts of a component system is that it can be easily upgraded according to your escalating entertainment whims. This is the beauty of a mix and match and you can even choose your own fashion for each part and, replace it if you get tired of it.

The only thing you have to worry is the complexity of setting these things. To get the best of advice ask for other people to set these things of wonder for you or better yet master each part's manual to really get the feel of it. But setting up a component system is only for the patient and eager consumer who want the best out of an entertainment paradise.

Whichever set up you choose, be sure not to forget to experience the fun part which is enjoying the entertainment experience.

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