Home Theater's Top Ten Products for 2006

The current year, 2006, is coming to an end. At this time, people are quite busy with the holiday rush. They spend a lot of time shopping for gifts and preparing for parties. This is also the time when electronics journalists get to choose the best products for the year.

Home theater products are very popular, and they come in all brands and models. People even have a big trouble in choosing a particular product for their homes. But after reading this, you can have a better idea which home theater product to choose and purchase.

Here are the ten best products for 2006. They come in a wide range of choices, be it classes or prices.

1.   AV Reference Loudspeakers by Gallo Acoustics - the market offers thousands of loudspeakers, but people have different choices especially when it comes to the sound; if you need new loudspeakers, check out A' Diva T from Gallo Acoustics; it comes in modest size but it is constructed well and there is no question when it comes to sound quality 2.   OPPO DV970HD is a DVD player that delivers excellent picture with a HDTV. If you want flexibility in your AV equipment, this is the product for you. It offers features like SACD, DVD audio, and Divx playback. If you have a surround system and an HDTV, get this DVD player for more or less $200. 3.   Toshiba HD-XA1 - if you want your TV viewing in high definition even from a disc, this is the perfect product for you; this product is well constructed although some of its feature needs improvement. Up-scaled DVD and HD-DVD are excellent if you have an HDMI connection. But booting up and loading a disc takes a minute or so; and while the disc is playing, you can't change the video and resolution settings. 4.   Westinghouse Digital LCD Monitor LVM-37W3 - this is a 37 inches monitor that features 1080p; this is a great advantage for no more than $2000. This product also offers HD inputs like DVI-HDCP, HDMI, VGA, and HD component. However, this product will work best with Blu-ray and HD-DVD because it requires an external tuner. 5.   VSX-82TXS (Pioneer Elite) - if you want superb excellence for your home theater, this product is great because it features options for extensive connections like HDMI, iPOD connection, monitor output, and preamp. In addition, it also offers excellent AV processing features and Radio (XM) capability. This receiver is an integrated and high performance home theater product. 6.   Onkyo HT-S990THX is a 230 watts system with a consistent high quality performance. If you want a home theater system that is acoustically and electronically matched, this product is suited for you. Its features include pro logic decoding, certified loudspeakers and audio processing, and is satellite XM radio compatible. 7.   Helios X5000 is a DVD player that delivers great AV DVD up-scaling, audio conversion, HDMI connectivity, DVD recordable compatibility, WMV9HD, DivxHD, and flexibility with regards to networking. 8.   Mitsubishi HC3000U Projector offers solid performance and is compatible with HD. 9.   Klipsh Synergy - if you want to have powerful subwoofers, consider buying Sub10 because it offers tightness, clarity, and undistorted bass response just like the expensive ones. However, if you live in an apartment, other floors might take notice of the sound. 10.   Samsung BD-P1000 is a disc player that is compatible with recordable CDs and DVD.

There you have it; the next time you go out and shop, check out these products.

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