All the various types of houseplants, how to choose

There are so many different types of houseplants. You can choose from to bring into your home. Maybe you just want something to decorate the room and add some color or maybe you want to find a plant that will brighten your room and bring some oxygen into a room. Whatever your reasons maybe, you will want to think about the type of plant to bring into your home.

If you are a beginner in the houseplant department, you will want to go with something that doesn't require much care. You will also want to choose easy plants if you have a busy life, but want the house to feel homey. Cactus, Ivy, shamrocks, and ferns are all easy to keep. Cactus actually can go along time without ever being waters. There are many variations of the plant and some of them will bloom flowers.

If you want something more appealing, you will want to choose any plant that is considered greenery. Green plants like ivy or ferns have no problems adapting to their environment and don't get much care. Ivy is special because it is a climber. If you want to add some dramatic twists to your home, you can have the ivy hanging in a basket and allow it to grow to the floor or you could allow it to trail along a wall or shelf. Shamrocks are great because you can practically ignore them and they will still bloom.

However, you may have the time to truly care for your plants. If your go tropical, you will have a lot of responsibilities. Some tropical plants are finicky. They need to have direct sunlight and the perfect temperature at all times. These aren't the type of plants you would want in your home if you have a cold winter.

Orchids, birds of paradise, ginger, rubber trees, palm trees, they are all examples of tropical plans. Although they look great, you may not realize all of what they need to live when you purchase them. You should ask the dealer what you need to do and what you should do to keep them in the bright colors.

You may want a houseplant that can be useful. These types of plants are the herbs that can be ground in the kitchen windowsill or plants like aloe vera. Aloe vera is a wonderful plant because they can be used to treat burns and cuts. You can place them on the porch during the summer, but they hate cold weather.

You can keep them in the house; the temperature should never drop below 60 degrees. To use the plant, all you do is break a little bit off and then squeeze the sap onto your burn or cut.

Some of the houseplants are on the market are, in fact, poisonous. You will want to make sure that you look up all your houseplants when have children or pets in the house. Hyacinth, Anthurium, Dumbcane, and Oleander are among the poisonous plants on the list.

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