Did you know that plants actually clean the air?

That is the reason why it is so important to have a plant or two growing in your home. Not all plants will help you breath better, but there is quite a list for you to go by. Researches now believe than abundant amount of plants play a key role in our health. As you know plants will go through photosynthesis and that is the process, in which they take carbon dioxide and then convert it into oxygen. It cleans the air and takes out some pollutants.

Fifteen houseplants will take out three important pollutants. Theses pollutants are benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene. They are all present in homes and buildsing. Some occur in the home because of the finishes on the furniture, office equipment, and the materials that the house or building was made from.

These houseplants can remove up to 87% of the pollutions. Think about all the bad stuff that you allow yourself to inhale without the help of plants filtering the air.

Although indoor air pollution has not become a threat to our health, because the air is constantly moving and being replaced, but there are homes that have bad circulation of air. The effects of indoor pollution are not all yet determined, but it may be linked to several reasons why we have certain illnesses. Sometimes the air will linger in a room for five hours before being replaced.

All the pollutants that you have just breathed in will effect you long term. This is why you may have sensitive skin or current skin issues, why you get migraines, your eye irritations, and the air that you breathe also causes allergies.

When it comes to benzene, you can have it in your home because of ink, oil, paint, plastics, detergents, dyes, gas, smoke, and rubber. The plants that will take out most of the benzene that you breath are plants like ivy, mums, daisies, and peace lilies. However, some of those plants can cause the family to have reactions after prolonged periods. You will want to research the plant before you bring it in the house.

For formaldehyde, it comes from pressed-wood, form insulation, plywood, fire retardants, wax paper, plastic bags, small, natural gas, and some vinyl floors. If you want to eliminate some of the levels of formaldehyde in your house you will need to bring in azaleas, philodendron, bamboo, mums, and the spider plant.

Trichloroethylene is used in degreasers, cleaning products, inks, paints, varnish, lacque, and certain glues. If you would like to reduce the levels of trichloroethylene you will need to pot daisies, mums, lilies, Warneckei, and Dracanea.

It is said that one of these plants will treat a 100 square feet. Plants are a lot more helpful than we thought. Not only are they beautiful, but they could possibly reduce our risks of certain health issues.

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