Ferns and cleaning

Did you know that the ferns that are in your house might actually be taken good care of you? That's right plants like English ivy, rubber plants, peace lilies, and Boston ferns clean the air by taking out the toxic chemicals. It's important to not only take good care of the ferns by watering, feeding, and doing some gardening maintenance, but you will also need to clean them.

It is very important that you keep a fern's leaves clean. If you don't clean the leaves you will just be providing a safe place for disease and pests like mites or insects to disrupt the plant. In fact, if you don't dust, those tiny little spiders will actually eat the leaves of the fern and the fern will eventually die.

It is up to you to prevent this from happening. Not only are you welcoming bugs and pest, but the sunlight will be blocked form affecting the plant because the dust can be so thick that the sun can not get to the leaves. If the sun doesn't get to the leaves than photosynthesis won't happen and the plant is practically worthless.

When you clean your ferns, you will just need to get a washcloth. Just get a small amount of warm water and then take the washcloth and dip it into the water. Make sure that you ring the cloth out good. You want to use a damp cloth, not a drenched cloth. Then you will want to clean both sides of the leaves. If you haven't cleaned them in a while, you may need to add some dish washing liquid to the water.

This will allow the dust to come easily off the plant. You will wan tot dust your plants at least once a week. Some people will go months without dusting, but that will jeopardize the life of the plant. Not only will the dust hurt the plant, but it can hurt your friends and loved ones as well. With all the dust on the plants, you may find that your loved ones will have a strong reaction to the dust and they may not be able to breath in your home.

It is very important that you not only take care of your plants, but that you clean them as well. You don't want to clean them too much, but once a week is good. You will do this for the sake of the plant and your allergies. Not only will it keep both of you happy, but when you dust the leaves, the plant looks more alive.

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