Insects and the houseplant

Houseplants can be beautiful, but they may be affected by things that you aren't even aware of. There are problems that certain plants get hit hard with. These problems are pets and pests. You have no idea how many times houseplants are hit with insects and mites, and people don't even realize that these mites are in the house. The way an insect can get in the house to effect, a plant is by brining it with the plant.

When you purchase your houseplants, make sure that they don't have a mite infestation. Also, when you bring summer plants in for the winter, check for bugs. Sometimes the bugs will borrow into the soil, but you will want to make sure that there is no evidence of a present infestation.

Insects also come into the house because people carry them in. Insects will attach to clothes or come in when the door is open. A time to watch out for bugs is when the heat is getting hot and when the weather is cooling down. The insects will come in the homes for shelter.

Plant insects can be controlled because it is on such a small scale. The insects or bugs are more mobile when they are young, but they are looking for a place to settle in a place where they won't be disturbed. In fact, this is why your houseplants can be bothered with insects. The solution to your problem is a general insecticide.

The type of bugs that will bother your houseplants are aphids. They have a soft body and can be controlled with pesticides and insecticide soaps. You will find bugs like mealybugs and whiteflies. Tiny spiders are another problem.

You will find them underneath the leaves. Matricides are mites that can be controlled with the soap. If you find yourself with bugs, you need to ask yourself why. Most of the time there are infestation when the soil has a high organic content because of fungus, gnats, or springtails. When you get a fungus or have bugs like gnats you will find that your plant is actually decomposing, meaning, it's rotting.

Avoid adding organic material into your soils. They don't need fertilizer because topsoil has enough nutrients for the plants. You will also want to remove any fallen leaves. This is because they will allow molds and fungus to grow and it will go into the soil.

If you find that you are infected with bugs or disease, you will want to take appropriate measures to get rid of the problem. You can consult your local gardener or you may want to purchase a pesticide that won't hurt your plant, but be a solution to your problems.

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