Think about the living area, for houseplants

When it comes to caring for the houseplants in your home, you will have to think about the soil, light, and temperature. However, when it comes to actual work, there is really nothing to it. Plants are easy to take care of and if you get the right plant you can have it easy, while the plants look beautiful in your home.

Remember, all plants require different amounts of care. Sometimes you'll get a gift from a friend, neighbor, or loved one and the pot will have several different plants in it. Don't leave them all in the pot, you will want to separate them so that they each have the room to live.

Many people don't realize this, but water to houseplants can actually mean death. This is because they feel the need to water too often, and then the plants will actual rot from the root. If you water your houseplants according to their need, not to your schedule, then the plants will live much long. You will want to take inconsideration of the season changes. Watering should only be done when needed.

You will know if the plant needs water when the soil looks dry. You want the soil to stay moist, but not swampy. If you water your plants once every other day or every three days you will find that it will be acceptable. Just make sure that you don't water the leaves, this will cause molds and disease to affect the plant.

Light is needed for the plants to begin the photosynthesize process. During this process is when you will get the most oxygen from the plant. For your health, as well as the plant's health, you will need to give them the proper light. If you know the level of sunlight needed you will have an easier time deciding where to place the plant.

When a plant faces the south you will find that they will get the most light. You will want to make sure that they are at least six inches from the windowpane so that the plants don't fry or freeze. For modern sunlight you will want to place them in an east or west-facing window. This direction gets at least 2/3 of the sun's light, however, if your plant requires less sun, place them in the north facing windows. North windows get the least amount of sun.

The last truly important factor is temperature. Temperature has to be with cool, average, or warm. You will want to keep most plants within the warm range (70-80 degrees F) during the daytime and at least 60 degrees F at night. Houseplants need the warmth to bloom, but they need a colder temperature to be comfortable.

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