Upping the oxygen in the home with houseplants

Many houseplants are seen very beneficial to the home and to our lives. They will bring oxygen into any room and the ventilation will increase. Some plants will even filter out the air so that we don't breath in toxins or pollutants. It takes the carbon dioxide out and replaces it oxygen.

Did you know there could be a plant in your home poisonous not only to your pets, but your children? Most of the plants that poisonous to your pets will hurt your loved ones. Houseplants that are from a tropical climate are higher in risk of being poisonous than other plants. If you find out that you may have a poisonous plant inside your home, you will want to know exactly what that plant will do and how much risk your children and pets are. You may decide that the plants have to go.

Some of the plants that are poisonous are aloe, amaryllis, lilies (flamingo, kaffir) Caladium, mums, croton, cyclamen, Angel's trumpet, dumbcane, crown of thorns, poinsettias, English ivy, hydrangeas, devil's backbone, Ceriman, Philodendron, Azalea, and Jerusalem Cherry.

Aloe is one of the houseplants that will help medicate your burn or cuts; however, many people are allergic to the medicine. In fact, it contains latex. If you use it on your skin, that's fine, but if it is ingested you will have latex poisoning which will irritate your large intestine. Amaryllis doesn't cause that much of a problem. If you eat more than one bulb, well several bulbs, you will get extremely sick.

However, you would a flower bulb! There is no threat, but can cause serious illness if eaten. As for the lilies, they will serious harm a child, dog, cat, or other pets. Flamingo will actually cause your mouth to blister, you won't be able to shallow and your voice will become hoarse. If you ingest kaffir, you are going to have alkaloid poisoning and you will collapse, become paralysis, slobber, vomit, and have diarrhea.

You may want to get rid of these lilies if you have small children. Mums will make you sick and have a rash, as well as Philodendron, ceriman, and azaleas.

Kalanchow, Angel's Wings, Croten, and Thorns should be gotten rid of because they will cause coma, parylisis, and death. Most of the others on the list will make you sick, but not that sever that it needs to be removed.

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