What about ferns as houseplants?

When it comes to ferns, they are the easiest plants to care for inside the home. They require little care and thrive on low light. They are a great addition to any home because they had some light and interest in the room. A fern that is arranged in a dramatic appearance will be a great conversational piece for the living room or family room. Ferns are actually among the few that can be combined in one pot.

Ferns do the best when in low lighting. This means that you can place a fern arrangement anywhere in the house, even if it doesn't have a window. Ferns can live on artificial light. If you place a fern in direct sunlight, they will dry out and the leaves will burn. Ferns like to be in room temperature and can live in ten degrees F at night.

They need little bit more water than most plants, because they tend to drink up all the moisture in their pots quickly. Again, only water when need. People tend to over water their plants, however, with a fern; you really have to over water it for it to dye. When it comes to watering, you may want to want every other day.

You should really only add water when the soil is dry to the touch. If you have a tropical fern, you will want to keep it in much higher temperatures. When you purchase your fern collection, you will want to ask on how to care for the plants.

If you notice that your fern is turning yellow or wilting, you will want to stop watering it for a while, because those are signs that you are watering too much You will find that root rot or diseases might also begin to affect the plant.

As for different types of ferns, there are thousands. Rabbit's foot, brake, holly, all are exceptions to the water rule. These need to be watered less frequently. You will want the soil to dry out good before watering again. They don't take much water to live and they can easily be over watered and die because of it.

If you have a tropical fern, you will wan to keep them in humidity and high temperatures. In fact, they work great in the bathroom, because the air is much different in most bathrooms. There is little room for the temperature to cool and the humidity is always hotter in the bathroom.

You can increase the heat and humid levels by placing pebbles on top of the soil. This will keep the temperature in and your ferns will flourish. You may even need a humidifier for a tropical plant. Tropical ferns need at least 30-50% humidity, but they work better in higher humidity.

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