Insect Control - Two Perspectives

Insect control is not just a mundane concern, but can literally affect one's quality of life. There was a well-known story that circulated a few years ago about a woman who had recently turned 100 years-old. She had seen the advent of the telephone, the car, the television and computer. When asked what invention made the most difference in her life, she answered "Screens!" This is not a surprising answer, if you think about how difficult insect control would be without solid screens. If you have bugs in your home, the first thing you should check is how easily they get in. A new set of screens can make all the difference in your insect control strategy.

Many people don't mind using insecticides in their gardens, while others prefer herbal forms of insect control. Some believe that treatments of rosemary and mint on lawns will reduce mosquitoes, and most people have been to an outdoor barbecue where someone was burning a citronella candle to repel pests. Some prefer electric lights that "zap" bugs as they approach. It is worth experimenting with different forms of insect control to see which method is right for your home and garden.

Insect control is also essential on the body if you are going on a long walk in the woods, or are simply sitting in the garden. Some people swear by chemical sprays whereas others prefer herbal treatments. Some say that splashing chamomile tea (cold of course) on the limbs wards off mosquitoes, and others prefer conventional brands. People have different levels of sensitivity to mosquitoes, and no one remedy is right for everyone.

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