Needlepoint stitches

Needlepoint is not something that takes a long time to learn. It is a great crafting idea that you can have a lot of fun creating on your own. You will see that you can get different needlepoint kits for you to try. Once you have your kits you will be able to create something that is fun and beautiful for yourself or others.

One of the needlepoint stitches is the continental tent stitch. This is the most common needlepoint stitch. It is done from the right to the left across the canvas. The tent stitch is usually one of the single row stitching techniques and can be used in multiple rows for some ideas.

Another neat needlepoint stitch is the basket weave. This is something that you can do in a diagonal row across the canvas. It is like creating a basket like pattern on the back of the canvas. You are going to do the first row down and then the second up and so on. You will see that this is a very neat idea to do on most needlepoint crafts. It is something that you can do to make an idea look more put together and interesting.

The third type of needlepoint stitch is the half cross. This is used less often than the other ones because it is not a durable stitch. It is used for filling in small areas and doing outlining. If used in the larger parts of the craft, this stitch will start to make your canvas look different than what is usually intended.

Most of the times the needlepoint kits will tell you what type of stitching you need to do. You will have the option of following what is intended for you to do or you can make up your own stitching. It is up to you and the design that you want to create. If you think that one stitch would look better than another, you should use what you like instead. This will make the project more of your own design and you will have more fun creating it.

Needlepoint stitching will take you some time to learn but once you do, the possibilities are endless. You can teach others how to create such great art pieces as well as learning about new things yourself. You will find that needlepoint is a great craft to learn for anyone of any age.

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