Clay pottery

Using Clay: Pottery Lessons You Need

When it comes to clay, pottery experts will tell you that the best way to manage the clay on the wheel is to practice at it. There are actually several different methods that can be used to create the shapes and styles that you are interested in. But, it pays to really learn the process of shaping clay on a wheel as that is one of the foundation steps of learning to make pottery. The good thing is that you’ll be able to master it rather quickly if you actually practice at it whether you do so at a local art center or if you do so at your home.

Once you get the clay into a workable medium, you can then use it at the wheel. Pottery starts with clay that is centered onto the wheel. The pottery that’s generally balanced needs the wheel to help this to happen. But, clay isn’t that easy to mold. First, start with your body centered over the wheel and position your forearm against your thigh for stability. Then, throw the clay onto the center of the wheel. Throwing it with a bit of force will allow it to stick which is a good thing.

Then, wet the clay and wet your hands. Get your wheel moving. You want the clay in the middle of the wheel so guide it to that position. Next, you can begin to make different shapes with the clay by moving your hands in the same motion on either side. The fun part is learning how to make various shapes. With just a moderately moving wheel and a bit of water, your hands can create pottery in a number of beautiful styles and shapes. Move your hands up and down in a fluid motion, creating pottery the entire time you do so.

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