Hull pottery

Hull Pottery: A Brief Look Back

Hull Pottery is a well known name in the pottery world, and with good reason! Those that enjoy collecting pottery probably know of them. There are many different pottery companies that came into being at the turn of the century and Hull was no different. Although many of the first companies to make pottery did so for the benefit of the dining room table (so that there were pieces to store food in) Hull was actually designed to produce products that wouldn’t necessarily be used but would rather be decorative items to dress up the home.

Hull came into being in Crooksville, Ohio. It was 1905 and the country was looking for beautiful things to place throughout their home. Hull was able to begin making pottery that was basic stoneware at first, but later became much more versatile with the ability to product semi porcelain dinnerware and then even decorative tiles for the home. Within 40 years, though, their demand was for pastel matte lines, art and other designs (especially that of novelty designs.) They were well known not only for their vast product lines, but also for the quality of work that seemed to go into each and every piece that hit the houses of consumers. Their gaze treatments and their unique style made their name for them.

Then, during the next years, through the 80’s, Hull was producing other products, mainly that of dinnerware and some floral products. In 1985, though, they had to close their manufacturing plant. Yet, this is not the end of the story about the pottery the Hull produced. Today, most of their pieces are considered collectors items and are well worth the price tags that often are rather high. Hull has been able to maintain a name for themselves through the quality of the products they made and those that are collected by pottery lovers everywhere.

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