Native American pottery

Native American Pottery: Traditions In Art Work

Much of Native American pottery has traditions throughout it. You’ll find that collecting this type of artwork allows you to journey back through time to when American pottery was just starting. There is no doubt that Native Americans used pottery much earlier than the Columbian times. And, with their pottery comes ancient techniques, styles and traditions, each with their own story to tell us today. Even pottery that isn’t ancient, technically, still displays the qualities of ancient Native American art. If you are enjoying pottery collecting, make this type of American pottery part of your collection.

In this pottery, you will find that much of the style and the design of pottery pieces come from traditions passed down through many generations. For example, you may find that some will use matte paint on backgrounds that are highly polished first. Others will use a wide range of other techniques such as those black carbon based paint that were difficult to use at best but were always mastered.

You will find that not only regions of Native Americans had their own pottery traditions, but so did individual families. Often, some families were well known for their specific style where others enjoyed a different color or texture. Each was beautiful in its own right, often with a style that was unique and yet somehow amazing in quality. If you find a piece of pottery that you truly enjoy, look for the families that produced it. You may find that the family traditions are what you love so much.

Pottery from the Native American traditions is some of the most traditionally valuable pieces of pottery as well. The older they are, the more valuable, yet pieces from modern Native Americans collections are still quite valuable in themselves. Selecting pieces that please you will make the difference ultimately in what you purchase.

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