Pottery marks

What Are Pottery Marks?

Pottery marks are like signatures on a painting. These marks help to determine where the piece is from, who designed it and what company is the one that sold it. Often, the marks on pottery are hidden very well within the pieces, making it hard for you to determine anything from them. Even if you can’t find the mark on the pottery you own, you can definitely have an expert in pottery show you where it is and probably tell you about the company or person that manufactured your piece. These marks are important pieces of information, though.

Often, the marks were used to help tell others who designed the piece, which can help to date the piece as well. Sometimes the marks are used by those that are looking for answers to history such as historians. By studying what marks are on pottery pieces, they can better get an understanding of where the pottery came from as well as how old it is. That means that they can see in great detail how the people of this time lived and what type of tools where used to craft the pottery itself.

Yet, today, it is more common to look for marks on your pottery so that you can tell its worth. The good news is that there are many different ways that marks can help to do this for you. To start, consider a pottery mark that you have found. What does it look like and if anything, what does it tell you? If you aren’t sure about what the mark means (or you can’t find the mark at all) work with a professional to help you to mach changes to the mark. From this point, you can then search the various pottery databases that are offered throughout the web to determine the details about your pottery. In any case, your answers about your pottery wait.

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