Weller Pottery

Weller Pottery: Pottery In Every Shape

Weller Pottery was a company that was an ideal producer of pottery for many years. There are many different pottery companies that you can seek to own pieces of, but when you want to own something unique and ultimately more amazing, consider what Weller has to offer to you. This style of pottery was well loved and easily found in many homes during its heyday. Today, you an still purchase Weller products, in many of the most beautiful pieces that were ever made. If you are looking for antique pottery at its finest, consider what Weller can offer you in this need.

Weller started well back into 1872. During this time, pottery was made by several companies and competition for quality pieces was there. It was founded by a man and potter himself, Samuel Weller. The company did well for many years and then in 1895, Weller determined that it was a wise financial decision to purchase Lonhuda Pottery, another competing pottery line. With that purchase, Weller would open its doors to more pottery types and styles. It would become producing Louselsa at this time. Probably the most well known of all types of pottery offered by Weller was its Louselsa line, and rightly so. It became a popular line of pottery, sought after by many.

But, that wasn’t all the Weller produced. Throughout its easy, Weller would produce and sell some 500 different styles and shapes of pottery. That is more than most other pottery shops of the day and it was definitely a way to keep the business going. Those that have had the opportunity to touch and feel Weller know that this type of pottery was some of the best that the time period had to offer. If you have the ability to purchase Weller, you won’t want to pass it up for any other type of pottery.

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