Container Rose Gardening

Container rose gardening, while simpler to begin and requiring fewer supplies than building an entire garden, still requires a sincere effort on the part of the gardener. Roses need a certain degree of maintenance, care, and attention, regardless of the planting location. Therefore, using containers to plant roses will not change the needs of the roses themselves.

When you choose a container in which to plant a rose bush, you must be sure it is large enough to allow your roses to breathe. Just like in regular gardening efforts, a typical rose bush requires at least eighteen inches of space in order to take seed with the roots and not be smothered by the sides of the container or another bush. You should also make sure that the planter is deep enough to support root growth, as roses like to dig deep into the soil.

You will still need to maintain a careful watering and feeding regimen for the rose garden, even in a container. The rose food can provide additional minerals and vitamins to the rose bushes that you cannot find in regular dirt or potting soil. Also, just like a rose garden planted directly in the back yard, your contained rose bushes will need to be soaked with water regularly.

Don’t forget to locate your rose garden containers in an area of the house or yard where they will receive direct sunlight for at least six hours a day. Though some rose bushes can be maintained with less, your blooms will not flourish without the necessary sunlight for proper photosynthesis, allowing the roses to be fed.

One of the best things about keeping your rose garden in containers is that, when winter comes, rather than fighting to cover the rose bushes with a sheet or blanket to prevent frosting, you can simply move the containers to a location either beneath a cover (perhaps on a porch, where they are sheltered from the weather) or even inside your house.

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