Designs For Rose Gardening

There are several different designs for rose gardening that can make for a picturesque view in your yard. Determining the one you want is simply a matter of choosing the right colors, spacing, and supporting plants. What is the best way to start designing your rose garden?

First, choose the type of roses you wish to plant. This decision may depend upon the amount of space available for your rose garden. If you have a minimal amount of space, miniature roses require the least amount of room. Standard rose bushes require a bit more, and climbers need a lot of space in order to remain healthy, needing to be planted at least eight feet apart.

Once you’ve chosen a type of bush, you should determine the color of the roses you wish to showcase. There are several different colors and breeds of roses, and choosing among the older breeds will allow for an easier job as a gardener. These tend to be sturdier and easier to care for. Your rose garden could be patterned, even including standard sized rose bushes with miniatures in between, and colors could alternate. You may wish to pursue only one color, or you may even try cross-bred roses in your garden. This is up to you. Many people opt to match the colors of other flowers in their yard or even build their rose gardens to compliment the colors of their houses.

When you finally begin to plant your roses, make sure they are spaced evenly to create a symmetric, aesthetically pleasing design. Rose garden designs are most pleasant in appearance if they are geometric, so don’t plant a strange number of bushes – keep the garden design simple, in a square pattern or at least with an even number of bushes in a row. If you follow this simple process, you are guaranteed an outcome that is a beautiful design worthy of a double take.

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