Home Rose Gardening

Home rose gardening can be a pleasant experience, but roses are a special breed of flower that requires extra attention on the part of the gardener. Because roses are quite fussy with the environment when first planted, it is important to watch your home garden and give it the proper care from the beginning. Rose gardens have tendencies to attract certain diseases, as well as insects that are detrimental to the health of your roses.

When choosing the location for your home rose garden, keep in mind that healthy roses bloom in a temperate climate. While rose gardens do require ample sunlight, too much direct sun can damage your rose bushes. Newly planted rose bushes cannot withstand harsh winters, either, and the roots must be protected from a freeze unless they have had time to dig deep into the ground below the freeze level.

Planting roses in the early spring, after the last frost, is ideal. Beginning your rose garden at home will be a delight at this time of year. The roses will flourish in the mild weather, and the spring rains will help them to grow and develop, both above and below ground. If given enough love, your rose garden will be strong and safe when winter does come.

In order to help protect your new garden from the first hard freeze, you may want to cover the rose bushes with a thin sheet or blanket, or even plastic. Drape the cover over the rose bushes and anchor it down with rocks or other heavy objects so that the wind will not shift it off the roses or blow it away.

With proper care and protection, your home rose garden will bloom year after year with healthy flowers, giving you the satisfaction of a job well done. You’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of roses in your own home, any time you please.

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