Rose Gardening Advice

You want to start a rose garden, and you are seeking rose gardening advice. However, there are so many different sources out there that it doesn’t seem worth the time and effort to try to consolidate all the different tips and tricks about rose gardening. Rather than helping you get your rose garden started, the process is only fueling your frustration. To get you started, here is some advice on rose gardening, including basic information on the needs of a rose bush.

When planning your rose garden, you should allow plenty of space for all of the different bushes you wish to plant. Roses like to ‘breathe’, so they require ample space between separate bushes to maintain a healthy glow. Most standard rose bushes will need to be at least eighteen inches apart, and ideally, up to thirty inches apart. If you are planting climbers, maintain twelve feet between your rose bushes. For the miniatures in your garden, twelve to fifteen inches of space should suffice.

Roses should be planted in spring and no later than early summer. This gives them time to take root deeply enough to survive the cold and freezes of the winter to come. Also, when planning your rose garden, be sure that the location you choose has ample sunlight. Most roses thrive on at least six hours of direct sunlight, though a few do prefer shadier locations. Check with the nursery before you make a decision on the roses you wish to plant.

Roses like a lot of water during the spring and summer. While you don’t need to water your rose garden every day, you do need to water it deeply so that the roots can absorb the moisture. The water seeps down best if you water it less frequently for long periods of time. The best advice for starting a rose garden is to choose hardy breeds; older breeds tend to be sturdier, so talk to the nursery about this as well.

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