Rose Gardening For Kids

Though rose gardening for kids can be dangerous without adult supervision, there are several things children can do to cultivate a rose garden with the help of Mom or Dad. Teaching children early to garden gives them a head start on caring about the environment and helps them appreciate the beauty of nature.

When you start a rose garden with your child, one of the most important things is to make sure that you spend quality time together. This can be a bonding experience for the both of you. However, though the process should be fun, never forsake safety for enjoyment. Always have your child wear gardening gloves when working with roses because thorns on rose bushes can be painful and dangerous. Wearing a pair of thick leather gloves can prevent injury, as well as keep hands from developing calluses or becoming dry from working in the yard.

Never let a young child handle sharp gardening tools. While a spade or small shovel might be an appropriate tool for young rose gardeners to handle, shears are a danger to the child. Children should also not be allowed to operate any power tools without proper gear and close supervision or assistance. Rose gardening does not require many power tools, but if you use any, this is a definite precaution to take.

What children can do is help to pick off dead rose blooms, making way for your rose garden to produce fresh blossoms in their place. Your child can water the rose garden, making sure that the ground is saturated every time you use the hose. If you are closely supervising to make sure nothing is put into the child’s eyes or mouth by accident, children can even assist in sprinkling rose food into the rose garden. However, it is recommended not to allow children to handle any pesticides or disease killers.

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