Rose Gardening Preparation

The most time consuming thing in starting a garden is rose gardening preparation. While the care of a rose garden is on-going, most of the time this bit of attention only takes a few minutes a day. However, setting up to plant your rose garden from the beginning takes a lot of hard work and preparation.

The first step to preparing your rose garden is to determine exactly how much space you have and how your wish to utilize that space. It is important to plan out the size, shape, and density of your rose garden prior to digging any holes. With different breeds of roses requiring a different amount of separation from other bushes, it is also important to read the requirements for each type of rose bush you plan to use before determining location and spacing of the bushes.

Once you’ve chosen the spot for your rose garden, you will need to loosen the earth to prepare for planting. If you live in an area where the dirt in question is a thick black or red clay, it is especially important to loosen the earth as much as possible, then supplement the returned dirt with potting soil, a much finer, less sticky substance in which the rose garden will bloom. While you may need a power tool like an auger to loosen this type of dirt, other areas can probably suffice with just a garden claw.

Once you’ve finished planting, you’ll want to feed the roses, water the rose food down into the ground so that it can reach the roots, and make sure that all the roots of your rose garden are completely buried beneath the dirt. Now that your rose garden has been prepared, all you need to do is carefully maintain it and reap the rewards of having beautiful blooms year after year.

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