Rose Gardening Supply

If you’ve been to rose gardening supply houses and not found what you are looking for, you may not have the right information on the equipment that is required. Depending upon your location and the size of the rose garden you wish to plant, supplies can be simple to find. In fact, you can get most of them at any local nursery or home and gardens store.

Supplies for rose gardening include a claw or auger, shovels, gloves, potting soil or fresh dirt, foods, protective agents, shears, and pruners. These basic supplies will get you started, regardless of the type of roses you wish to plant or the size of the garden you are planning out. The choice between using a claw and an auger may stem from the size of the rose garden intended. While a claw can be used to loosen the earth for a generally small garden with good dirt or soil, a larger area may call for a power tool like the auger. This may be absolutely necessary in areas where the dirt is a thick black or red clay, as this is nearly impossible to loosen without a power tool.

Your rose garden may benefit from potting soil or good dirt, especially if you live in an area of clay. Rose gardens cannot flourish in this type of dirt. Sand is also a problem, so you may want to consider adding potting soil in the garden. Shovels are required for planting your rose garden once the dirt is properly loosened, and gloves make sure that thorns don’t become a problem as you build your rose garden.

Other supplies, such as the shears, foods, and chemicals, are necessary for garden maintenance. Roses are prone to fungus and other diseases, and insects tend to flock to rose gardens, so chemicals that prevent or relieve such problems should be kept around. Roses are picky also, so rose food supplements the natural nutrients taken from the soil, keeping your blooms strong, healthy, and colorful.

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