Shag rug

Who would have ever thought that the shag rug would have made a come back like it did. There are more people that are going and purchasing a shag rug for an accent in one or more of their rooms. It is not just the older people that are buying the shag rug anymore there are ones from the younger generation that is purchasing the shag rug as well.

They may be purchasing the shag rug because of the thickness that come with the shag rug or it could be because of the vibrate colors that are usually associated with the shag rug. No matter what the reasoning is the shag rug is back.

You may say that you are not going to buy a shag rug because you did not like them when they were in before but if you were to take a little time to look at the ones that are out now days you are going to see that they have changed some since you looked at them a couple of years ago.

Some of the people that are buying a shag rug are purchasing them so that they are able to break up and give a softer look to a hard floor that they may have in their home.

Plus when you are buying a shag rug you are going to be able to clean it easier than if you were to replace the entire floor with a carpet. Another good thing that goes with a shag rug is that you are not going to need to cover up the hard wood floors that you may have in your home you are only going to cover up a proportion of the hard floors with the size of the shag rug you are going to purchase.

Just think of how people would react to you having a shag rug in your home. There may be some that will not believe that you have a shag rug and there are some that are just going to love the thought of you having a shag rug and that may be because you got over the fear of the shag rug.

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